My favorite True-Crime Podcasts

I’ve always been fascinated by crime stories. It made me think and curious about the culprits’ mind. Instead of watching true-crime documentaries I love to spend my time listening to them. These are some true-crime podcasts that I love to listen to: Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror PodcastThe stories are written by the people... Continue Reading →

Relationship (1)

Heart is like a glass. Once it's broken, it can't be undone. I'm back home where I used to live to submit some of my documents for my admission. While cleaning my room I saw this. It has a crack and it can't be undone. To make it new, I've to change the glass. This... Continue Reading →

Do you have any phrase or word that might be meaningful for you?

Well I have one and that is ‘Breathe’. When I was making my bucket list, I was thinking if I get a tattoo in future what word or phrase I would want. While wondering, I realized that the word ‘Breathe’ holds more meaning for me than just its biological meaning. Whenever I get triggered by... Continue Reading →

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